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"I am very pleased with my physical therapist and physical therapy at InMotion Physical Therapy through the many years. I am dependent on physical therapy to get through the day and years and I feel like I am progressing. While still need other medical services, My physical therapist at InMotion Physical Therapy has provided the absolute best long-term relief."

D. A.

"When I first transferred my physical therapy prescription to InMotion, I had a lot of pain and was pretty discouraged. My physical therapist treated both problems. They really listened to my descriptions of my pain and gave me a realistic set of exercises so I could take charge of getting better. But they never made me feel that getting better was completely up to me. They were working with me all of the time. I really appreciate the effort that my therapist and Tom have put into working on my back, doing things that I can't do to loosen muscles and joints. I don't understand everything they do. But, it sure is working! I was beginning to think I would never feel this good again!

L. W.