Neck Pain Treatment in Richmond VA

If you are looking for neck pain treatment in Richmond, VA, you've come to the right place.

Our therapists at InMotion Physical Therapy are highly trained to provide quality care for head and neck pain. A thorough initial evaluation helps us identify movement dysfunction that can be addressed with patient education, manual techniques, therapeutic exercise, and modalities. Regular reassessment provides reassurance that we are always working to achieve patient goals in a cost-effective manner.

The First Step is Providing You with Pain Relief of Your Neck Pain

Severe head & neck pain can be disabling. For this reason, our first priority is pain relief. Treating the underlying causes of identifiable movement dysfunction is the next step toward achieving long-term relief and recovery.

Manual Therapy for Neck Pain - Hands-on Care Can Help

Hands-on techniques, in most cases, are an essential part of a successful head and neck pain treatment program. Our therapists are equipped with cutting-edge manual skills to assist with the recovery of range of motion, reestablish correct movement patterns, and alleviate muscle related pain and tightness. Coupled with patient education and therapeutic exercise, the results can be dramatic and long lasting.

Clinical Research is Our Guide to Providing the Best Care Possible

It may surprise you but not a physical therapy clinics provide care based on the current best scientific research.  We provide evidence-based care which means we a. regularly update our treatment based on research results, b. we also call on our experience in treating neck pain patients, and c. we consider your goals and beliefs when developing and delivering your care.

Is Physical Therapy The Right Treatment for Neck Pain? Yes, Here's Why...

Medical research is continuously providing the clinicians at InMotion Physical Therapy with “current best-evidence” guidance so we are equipped to provide the state-of-the-art care to our community members. We look to systematic reviews and random controlled trials to help guide us in the delivery of state-of-the-art care. Coupled with regular attendance to continuing education courses, InMotion Physical Therapy has a reputation for providing a high quality service to those in need of head and neck pain rehabilitation.

Here's an a good summary of the evidence that concludes: "The results of this review found that the strongest treatment effects to date are those associated with exercise." Reference:

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