Why Choose Us

Why Choose InMotion Physical Therapy

InMotion Physical Therapy opened in 2006 with the mission of providing quality and cost-effective direct care to patients. Our focus is on research-based treatments, the most up-to-date treatment techniques, and a superior customer experience. As a privately owned practice, we have greater control of quality and care than the large systems in the area. This way you get the best clinical experience possible. We treat you the way we want ourselves and our family to be treated.


At InMotion Physical Therapy we treat the person and address all aspects of a problem with a more holistic, one-on-one approach to patient care. Each individual gets a one-on-one, in-depth evaluation to determine the source of your pain and then provide treatment aimed at quickly restoring your function. Our therapists are experienced in, and continue to learn about, the use of different manual therapy techniques to provide patients with up-to-date, hands-on treatment aimed at addressing the source of the problem rather than temporarily relieving the symptoms. All of the therapists at InMotion Physical Therapy either are currently or previously were competitive athletes and understand what it takes to return to play and function. The therapists are also all educated and skilled to work with the aging population and are skilled in treating the unique conditions affect aging individuals. We treat across the lifespan to improve the function and musculoskeletal health of active individuals to promote a healthy society.

  • We utilize manual therapy treatment techniques combined with a tailored functional exercise program.
  • We educate you, the patient so that you can return to and maintain your optimal level of performance and condition.
  • Should you have a flare up or the injury re-occur, you will be equipped to manage the problem on your own, or know when to call us.
  • We offer early morning and late evening appoints to fit your schedule.
  • We offer appointments often on the same day you call and always within 24 - 48 hours.
  • We believe your care is important and you should not have to wait to see a Physical Therapist to begin your recovery, and the faster you see a Physical Therapist, the faster you are back to living and the less money you spend on your health care. Thank you for visiting our site and please call the office to speak with a therapist or the owner if you have questions.

Our job is to help you - the patient - get back InMotion, and it is a job we take very seriously.

Doctors trust us to take care of them, their family, friends and patients.