What is Direct Access?

In the state of Virginia, an individual has the right to see a physical therapist directly without a prescription for 30 days.

All physical therapists at InMotion Physical Therapy are licensed physical therapists who have obtained a doctor of physical therapy and are direct access certified.

The direct access certification requires physical therapists to have specific continuing education in differential diagnosis and medical screening and to have at least 3 years of clinical experience in physical therapy or have completed a Doctor of Physical Therapy program.

Direct access to a physical therapy has been shown to improve recovery, decrease the length of time for recovering from an injury, decrease the reoccurance of injury and decrease the cost of an injury for the injured individual. It has also been demonstrated as safe and effective care for many injuries that if left untreated or if care is postponed could lead to costly and painful surgery. The closer to the day of injury you see a Physical Therapist the faster you heal!